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If you submit a review of a specific meal and what you chose to serve it with if applicable, we will reward you with 10% off your next order. Reviews will be published on the menu pages to help our customers decide which meals they will like. Please send your reviews via email or on our Facebook page and up on receipt your discount code will be forwarded to you.


Food For Fitness  have long since been the source of many of the recipes we cook for our customers and list on our High Protein - Low Calorie menu and with the permission of Scott Baptie we wanted to promote their amazing eBooks so you can cook the recipes in your own home - particular useful for some of the meals we are unable to produce due to the nature of the meal and value for money as a purchasable meal via our website.


Right now Scott is giving you the opportunity to grab some of his recipes completely free of charge,  so why not accept his generous offer and download the 10 Hidden High Protein Recipes or 3 Sneak Peak Recipes from The High Protein Handbook #6 - you could even grab them both! Click on the images to access these great free recipes and don't worry you will not be under any obligation to make any  purchases in the future.


Scott has produced a selection of eBooks featuring lots of great recipes to suit all tastes and are very easy to produce in your own homes and the really clever bit is all the recipes feature a bar code that can be scanned and entered into My Fitness Pal so you can easily keep track of the calories / macros on a day to day basis.

Of course we think everyone should have at least one of these amazing books in their collection but we are here for those of you that really don't have time for cooking or just need a little help from time to time.

Here at Fakeaway we have always been here for all of our customers and we will continue to do so especially now when we know so many of you have struggled over the last few months. No gyms, pools or group gatherings, leaving the opportunities to stay fit and active limited.
We have been busy adding even more tasty meals to our menu. Including Thai Turkey Meatballs (pictured) which are unbelievably good but don't take our word for it go check out our calorie based meals all of which are fully compatible with the popular Fitness Pal app. 
Fakeaway are huge advocates of the calorie deficit way of losing weight and getting healthy and our new range of meals is here to reflect that and what is more by teaming up with Rawmarsh Runners C25K plan we can now offer you a complete plan that will help and support you right from the start and continue with you for as long as you need us.
For more details keep a look out on our Facebook page for more exciting news of C25K sessions and remember you can contact us anytime - we are always happy to help!

Discount codes available to local clubs & groups please get in touch for more details