Lets start again for the last time.......
The Fakeaway Cafe have always been here for all of our customers and we will continue to do so especially now when we know so many of you have struggled over the last few months. No gyms, pools or group gatherings, leaving the opportunities to stay fit and active limited.
We have been busy adding some even more tasty meals to our menu. Check out our calorie based meals all of which are fully compatible with the popular Fitness Pal app. 
The Fakeway Cafe are huge advocates of the calorie deficit way of losing weight and getting healthy and our new range of meals is here to reflect that and what is more by teaming up with Rawmarsh Runners C25K plan we can now offer you a complete plan that will help and support you right from the start and continue with you for as long as you need us.
For more details keep a look out on our brand new blog page for more exciting news on our support plan and remember you can contact us anytime - we are always here to help!

© 2019 by The Fakeaway Cafe.  Rotherham. Disclaimer: The Fakeaway Cafe is not endorsed nor is it affiliated in anyway to any specialist dieting groups such as Slimming World or Weight Watchers.